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Talk To You Later – the app that will give you a quiet moment when you need one is relatively new website when it comes to BlackBerry community but I just got notice from Belly letting me know her review was just published.

Her review about Talk To You Later application for BlackBerry Smartphone devices started with: “Do you sometimes have too little energy, too much to do, or simply don’t have the time whatsoever to answer calls? Would you sometimes need an assistant, that would keep track of your missed calls, and notify your callers that you are not available? Worry no more! I found the perfect app for you. Talk To You Later – the app that will give you a quiet moment when you need one, and at the same time provide information to and about your callers. How? Very easy.”, and that is exactly what we wanted to provide to our customers with Talk To You Later.

She explained we did a great job with UI: “User interface is very simple to use. Main screen is slick and contains all the main featured functions. When I used the app for the first time, I had a meeting waiting for me, so I wanted to use the Autoresponder feature. It took me only a few seconds to set it up. All I had to do was tap on Autoresponder, write a message for my incoming calls, and that was it. Quick and easy. All other options are similar to access, what’s one of the facts, why I liked this app right from the start.”

I’m really glad all of reviews of Talk To You Later are great and I suggest you go to and check out the rest of her review.

If you need any further information about Talk To You Later application, here is the link.

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